• Graham Hyland

2018 Club League Launched

The 2018 Summer League was launched last week and looks to be a really great Summer. 

With over 28 races to choose from including 5ks 10k 10miles and Half Marathon and not to mention the 1500m & 3000m track events included too.

When a league member takes part in one of the events they will earn a point for their team, if the athlete obtains a personal best they will earn a second point for the team.

That's the way it works! No competing amongst each other but competing against ourselves on behalf of the team

This year we have 5 teams with approx 8 per team, as participants join the league they will be put into a team and can start contributing to the team points at the next race. Our awards night at the end of the year are heavily based on the outcome of this league.

The first race in the summer league is the Drogheda 10k, it's a local event that normally attracts a huge amount of Cilles runners so it's the perfect launch pad for the league, it continues through the summer finishing in September with Meath, Louth and Dublin races all playing their part.

There are 5 Teams all named by the team members with The A Team, Team IBPROFUN, Cool Runnings, The Dream Team and Team Everest. 

Throughout the course of the league there are bonus runs where participants receive double points. also there is the new Captain's choice "Off Grid" run where a team can earn double points for a run which is not on the league calander.

The league is open to all adult members of the club and we welcome new members to join the club and get involved in the league, it's a fantastic way to stay fit and healthy while making friends along the way. 

It really makes summer running fun and exciting.

Anyone wishing to join can call or text Graham on 0876993335 for more info or email cillesrunning@gmail.com

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