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Am I too slow for a running club?

Almost all new runners feel they should wait until they are faster and more experienced before they join a club.

This really is a mistake!

Like most clubs we have some speedsters, but these are easily outnumbered by members who run to control stress, keep fit, lose weight, or just as a way to socialise
Don’t be daunted about joining,  every one of our members have been a beginner at some time &

we get excited to welcome new people into the sport.


The adult runners in Cilles Ac are freindly , welcoming and they all have one thing in common! They Love Running!


We have a development structure in place so wether you are an experienced runner or if you have never run before, you can come along, run and take part with runners of the same ability. So If you want to improve your running, benefit from a positive running group dynamic,  encouragement of like-minded people well then give it a try! What have you got to lose?


You are welcome to come along to one of our sessions to try it out


Training Times

Tuesday 7:30pm Bettystown

Thursday 7:30pm Bettystown

Sat/Sun runs are typically organised with the groups and range between 7 & 20K+

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