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1st & 3rd For Cilles in Night run

Anthony and Bryan race report.

5km Sandymount Night Run,

We arrived at Clann Na Gael GAA pitch at 6:00pm. Bryan got a peach of a car space after a bit of banter with the guard on duty. This was very convenient for leaving our gear in as we peeled off the layers the closer we got to the start. It was very cold with a strong breeze compounding this. There were few runners around to begin with but as the race start grew closer the crowd got bigger. We went for a warm up along the race route and wondered how we'd manage the narrow, dodgy path in the dark. The race organiser divided the runners into two waves. Under 20 and over 20. Surprisingly there were few in the under 20, our group which was great as it meant no bunch up at the start which we thought would be a problem like the clontarf run. The 5km and 10 km runners started together so we didn't know whom we were competing against.


We set off by running around the Gaa pitch and onto the beach which was soft underfoot to start causing our feet to slip which meant we couldn't get the same traction as running on the road. Therefore slightly slower I would say. Off the beach onto the path alongside and back onto the beach. Bryan was cruising ahead in the distance as I focused on my own run. Of course my watch was set in miles so I couldn't track my pace properly. School boy error. A few more km on the beach and I was feeling OK and surprised that a wave of stronger runners didn't pass me yet. I was expecting this to happen throughout. 3 runners did pass me with about 1 km to go and I kept with them, almost passing them as I approached the finish. I got distracted when they veered off for their 2nd lap for the 10km and had to recompose for the 5 km finish. A delighted Bryan told me I finished 3rd which was a surprise. I was elated as it was my first 5km and my first time to finish in the top 3 in a race. I was hoping to break the 20 min ( finished in 20:07) mark but the 3rd place was a better outcome. Next time! Bryan finished 1st again not realising he was coming 1st until he crossed the line. The course had varied terrain. Path, pitch and sand which actually made it more interesting and enjoyable. Like more of an adventure race. We were happy out with the result and delighted to represent Cilles running club.

Bring on the next one.

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